Dyson hp02 vs hp04

Dyson hp02 vs hp04

Almost all modern air purifiers are effective against air pollutants. So, it’s all a game of who provides the best and most advanced features to get the upper hand. Dyson is one such competing brand of premium air purifiers. The HP series is the world’s first unit to come with a hot + cool air purifier function. In this regard, the HP02 and 04 are their latest products. Both are highly effective in getting the job done. However, there are still some differences that help users select either one of them. So, I will provide a comprehensive comparison between Dyson HP02 vs. HP04 air purifiers.

Dyson is well-known for producing some of the highest quality air purifiers in the market. All their products have a sturdy build quality that lasts through several seasons without any trouble. However, the HP series is quite different from its other product range. In fact, the Dyson HP series is a group of flagship models. These devices provide all the features that you expect from any high-end device. Furthermore, the unit comes with a unique Hot + Cool feature. So, you can use it during winters to slightly warm the room or in summer to feel a cold breeze of filtered fresh air.

My recommendation:

Both HP02 and HP04 are highly reliable devices with several top-notch features. The devices provide higher efficiency than even some expensive air purifiers on the market. With that being said, now you have to decide which of these products best fits your requirements. In my opinion, you should go with the Dyson HP 02 if you are on a tight budget but want to squeeze every bit of performance. But if you want more advanced features perfect for any smart home experience, the HP 04 seems like a more obvious choice.

Now I will provide a more detailed review for those of you who still can’t decide their dream product. There are several similarities in terms of performance and working method. However, the HP04 still gets the upper hand due to the improved performance and more advanced features. So, let’s get started:


Features HP 02 HP 04
Hot + Cool Yes Yes
Jet Focus Control Yes Yes
Rotation Ange 180 360
Activated carbon filter No Yes
Power 21W 90W

Products HP 02 HP 04
CADR 425 CFM 658 CFM
Coverage area 290 Sq. ft 300 Sq. ft

Similarities of HP02 and HP 04 air purifier:

Dyson provides all the legendary functions in their flagship HP series of air purifiers. Moreover, they continue to provide improved functions that are well-received by the customers. So, there are a lot of similarities between the two premium devices.


Hot + Cool:

People are tired of buying a separate device to provide some basic functions like temperature control and air purification. So, Dyson combines functions from three different machines into a single absolute best unit. The HP01, 02, and 04 air purifiers provide three functions:

  • Hot
  • Cool
  • Air purifier.

However, it is impossible to use these units as an AC substitute. The air conditioners use CFC or condensation gas to cool the temperature up to several degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the Dyson HP units utilize the power of fast-moving fans to provide a slight breeze of cold air. Similarly, the hot function is only suitable to bring the room temperature to an acceptable level. Otherwise, I recommend that you use a separate blower heater for extremely cold temperatures.


Smart Auto mode:

The benefit of modern air purifiers is that you forget about air quality control once you set up the device. Similarly, all Dyson HP series air purifiers come with an air quality sensor. The sensor monitors the air pollution of the room in real-time. If the sensor detects any increase in the pollution levels, it delivers a command to the fan to increase the airflow. Similarly, the fan speed is automatically adjusted to low once the pollution level comes down to safe limits. Thus, you don’t need to keep an eye on the air quality because the air purifier has got your back.


Jet Focus Control:

The jet focus control delivers the filtered air in a specific direction with a fast airflow. So, you can select the desired temperature and use the jet focus control to feel a strong cold or hot breeze directed towards you. Similarly, the jet focus control is potentially suitable for large rooms. The jet focus delivers pure and fresh air to the last corner of the room without any decrease in performance. In short, you can use the HP02 and HP04 air purifiers for both residential and commercial purposes.


Air multiplier technology:

The air multiplier technology works on the same principle as the turbo boost of other air purifiers. However, the turbo boost only sets the fan speed to high settings while the air multiplier increases both the air intake and the air output of the device. On the contrary, Dyson’s air multiplier has a separate high-speed fan setting as well as the air multiplier feature. So, you can get a consistent stream of filtered air in any direction that you want. However, the air multiplier function significantly increases the power drawn and may add to your monthly electricity bill.


Night mode:

One of the reasons that people buy an air purifier is to improve their lifestyle and have some quality relaxation of mind, A good night’s sleep is the best way to relax your mind, and Dyson is well-aware of this fact. Therefore, all HP series air purifiers come with an active sleep or night mode. Sometimes the air purifier may produce high noise that disturbs some people’s sleep cycle. So, when you enable the night mode of the HP02 or HP04 air purifier, it shifts to the quietest settings. For instance, the fan speed is automatically set to low, the air intake is reduced to a certain level, and the display light is either dimmed or completely turned off. However, the air quality sensor is still active and adjusts the fan speed if it detects any pollution level changes. So, the night mode is a beneficial feature to improve your sleep cycle and reduce mental stress.


Smartphone App:

Wi-Fi has become a necessity for every household. As a result, several different house appliances offer wireless connectivity to create a home network. For instance, no house or office can function without an active internet connection because the air conditioning, lighting, and other functions depend on it. Similarly, both Dyson HP02 and HP 04 air purifiers come with a built-in Wi-Fi chip. You can connect the unit to your network and control its various features using the DysonLink smartphone app. For example, you can turn on the device when on the way home from work to be welcomed by a fresh house without any waiting.


Remote control:

It is still possible that some places don’t have an active Wi-Fi connection. So, what to do in such a condition? Dyson tackled the connectivity gap by providing a physical remote control with every HP unit. You can control the jet focus, fan speed, air temperature, and several other useful functions of the device from a distance. The only drawback of the remote control is that it has a small size and can be misplaced easily. Similarly, you need to be in the same room to control your unit remotely. Otherwise, it won’t function at all.


Replacement filter indicator:

The filter replacement indicator is another useful sensor integrated into the air purifier. It keeps track of the HEPA filter’s quality and the number of days since the last replacement. As a result, you are not bound to keep track of every replacement as the indicator will start blinking red light to inform you right in time. You need to reset the indicator sensor after every filter replacement to reset its counter.



Both HP02 and HP04 air purifiers have a sleek tower design with a large area for air intake and output of filtered air. So, you can place the device in any corner of the room and still get fresh air in the opposite corner. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about dedicating a separate area of the room for the device, and the upfront air intake minimizes any chance of accidental blockage. Similarly, the innovative design offers several safety improvements than other air purifiers. For instance, it doesn’t include any visible fan blades on the outside of the unit. Secondly, the unit comes with a built-in movement sensor that trips the device as soon as it is removed from the original spot. In short, Dyson air purifiers are the pioneers of child safety and family protection.


Differences between HP02 and HP 04


It is now an established fact that both of these devices are highly functional in terms of performance and user-friendliness. However, the HP04 being an expensive and latest model comes with several performances and feature improvements. These features can be a deciding factor for several customers. So, let’s get started with the difference between the two beasts:


Activated carbon filter:

HP02 would have been a complete success only if it came with an activated carbon filter. Almost all modern air purifiers come with a functional carbon filter to remove harmful organic compounds from the air. The filter comes with a special combination of zinc, benzene, and other carbon-magnetic compounds. As you know, the smoke, odor, chemical fumes, and VOCs in the air are organic compounds that contain carbon. So, the activated carbon filter captures all these pollutants and only allows the purified air to pass through. HP04 comes with an improved carbon filter that effectively removes the harmful organic compounds from the air and releases fresh air to the room. So, if you are a pet owner or a chain-smoker, HP04 is the best product for you.


CADR score:

Clean air delivery rate or CADR is the measure of the rate of clean air delivered in the room. It is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM or gallons per second. A higher CADR rating means that the device is comparatively more efficient than other competitors. In this regard, the HP02 has a significantly lower CADR score than the HP04. For instance, HP02 has a CADR rating of 425 CFM while HP04 delivers air at 658 CFM. So, HP04 is a more suitable choice for people with large rooms or halls. However, even the CADR of HP02 is considerably higher than almost any other device in this price range.


LED display:

HP02 was released several years before the latest HP04 air purifier. So, the HP02 is more of an analog unit with smart features. On the contrary, HP04 comes with a built-in LED display that shows important information for the room. You can view the room temperature, filter quality, air quality fan speed, power, and several other useful information directly from the display unit. The LED unit gives a more modern and sleeker look to the HP04 than the HP02 air purifier.


Temperature control:

As mentioned earlier, both HP02 and HP04 can be controlled from the smartphone app. You can view important information and control several features directly from this app. However, HP02 lets you adjust the room temperature by controlling the heat generator of the unit. On the contrary, due to the US government UL1278 compliancy, this feature was removed from the HP04. According to this act, you can’t control the home’s temperature using any smartphone app due to safety purposes. So, the HP02 is a more intelligent air purifier than the latest HP04 in this case.


Adjustable air throw:

Air conditioners let you control the direction of airflow using the moveable output. Dyson HP04 and utilize the same mechanism in an air purifier. However, the angle of oscillation is limited in the HP02 air purifier. For instance, you can move the oscillator at any angle between 45 degrees to 180 degrees in the HP02, while the HP04’s oscillator can be moved at any angle between 45 degrees to 360 degrees. So, pure air is delivered directly towards you regardless of where you are sitting. This feature is potentially useful for office use. So, if you want to buy a commercial air purifier, the HP04 is a more suitable choice for you.

Pros HP02 Pros HP04

Temperature control from the app.

Durable build

Large coverage area

Advanced features

Auto mode

360 degrees oscillator movement.

Tower design

HEPA + Carbon Glass HEPA Media

360 degrees HEPA glass

Backward airflow mode

Cons HP02 Cons HP04

It doesn’t have a LED display unit.

The temperature can’t be controlled from the smartphone app.

The oscillator’s rotation is limited to 180 degrees

Relatively expensive.




Dyson is home to some of the world’s finest premium air purifiers. All their products are high-quality and provide unmatched air filtration performance even for large rooms. HP02 and HP04 are Dyson’s flagship models, and they come with all legendary features. However, people are often confused about HP02 vs. HP04 air purifiers because they are both beasts. Therefore, in this article, I have discussed the similarities and differences of these devices to help you make an intelligent purchase.



Do Dyson HP02 and HP04 have Wi-Fi?

Yes, both HP02 and HP04 come with a built-in Wi-Fi chip. You can connect the device to your home network to control its features using the smartphone app from anywhere in the world.

Can I adjust the room temperature from the DysonLink app?

Yes, but only the HP02 supports temperature control from the smartphone app. It is because the US government UL1278 prevents all modern devices from avoiding temperature control from any smartphone app. So, if you still want this potentially hackable feature, the HP02 is the best device for you.

Are Dyson HP02 and HP04 compatible with Alexa?

Yes, both the devices have a Wi-Fi chip and support the DysonLink smartphone app. So, you can control both these air purifiers using Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

Does Dyson use HEPA?

All modern air purifiers use at least one HEPA filter in their units. It can capture up to 0.03-micron particles with 99.97% efficiency. So, obviously, all Dyson air purifiers use an improved version of the HEPA glass filter to enhance its efficiency further.

Can a Dyson HP series air purifier replace the heater?

It depends on the size and temperature of your room. Of course, both HP02 and HP04 provide hot and cool air functions to some extent. The blower is suitable to provide a chilled breeze for up to two persons. However, it is not suitable for changing the temperature of a large room or hall.



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