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Dyson air cleaners are renowned for their cutting-edge designs and high-end features that distinguish them from the competition in the air purifier market. Our offices, houses, and apartments all have air purifiers, and their job is to capture and purify the air in the surrounding area.

This post will compare and contrast the Dyson dp01 and Dyson dp04, two of the most advanced smart air purifiers. Both Dyson air purifiers are produced by the Dyson Company, well-known for its smart home appliance offerings.

In this post, we want to answer queries: which air purifier is superior among the Dyson dp01 and the Dyson dp04? We hope you will have made your decision by the time you have finished reading this review. As you will see later in this article, there are many similarities between the two air purifiers and just a few variances between them.

Dyson DP01 vs. DP04: A Quick Comparison

Because they have essentially identical characteristics with minor changes, the Dyson DP01 and Dyson DP04 models have long been a source of contention. Consider the similarities and differences between the two options to help you better comprehend them and make a final decision.

Features Dyson DP01 Dyson DP04
Design Desk Fan Desk Fan
Heating No No
Display LCD LED
Child Safe No No
Weight 6.6 Pounds 10.18 Pounds
Remote Control Yes Yes
Oscillation 70 Degrees 360 Degrees
Fan Yes Yes
Night Mode Yes Yes
Fan Speeds 10 10
Auto Mode Yes Yes
Height 24.3 inches 27.2 Inches
Diffused Mode No Yes
Warranty 2-Years 2-Years


Person experience

According to me, these air purifiers are way more aesthetic looking than any other air purifier available on the market. Additionally, both are good for asthma and allergies. It can filter any kind of small dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. Dp04 has more advanced functionalities, as it is the latest model. Both can be connected to wifi so that is a relief, as you do not have to get up to turn it on.

Finally, I would suggest you get a dp04 if you are rich but if you are like me get a dp01 it will give the same aesthetic feel and the work is the same too. You can read the full article to know each functionality both air purifiers offer.



Editor choice


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Because of additional modes and futuristic features I have chosen Dyson hp4.

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Dyson dp01 vs dp04: The Similarities


The following are some of the commonalities between DP01 and DP04:


Dual Functionality

They offer a sophisticated dual-functionality feature that allows the gadget to cleanse the air while providing cold air to the user. This cooling feature is undoubtedly a deal-breaker for many people.


The DP01 and the DP04 are bladeless desk fans in households with children in tow. Because of their tiny shape, they are simple to clean and can be placed on side tables and desks for added convenience. There are no obnoxious grills or blade fans in this room.


Both have settings for automatic mode and night mode. While in night mode, the fans are set to their quietest settings, and the Lcd screen automatically dims to low brightness.


Both are operated by remote controllers, feature WiFi connectivity, and are Alexa-compatible.


Both have sensors that detect air contaminants in real-time and cleaners that clean the air. Additionally, the Dyson DP01 and Dp04 also remove mold spores from the air they circulate through.

Oscillation Angle

These two fans have an oscillation angle of 350 degrees, ensuring that the air is projected across the whole space. Not to mention that none of them contributes to the formation of ozone in the atmosphere.

One of the most significant differences between them is the number of additional modes that DP04 offers compared to DP01. Only the auto and night modes are available on the DP01 device. However, the DP04 air purifier includes three additional modes: backward flow style, jet concentration mode, and dispersed mode.

The device’s reverse mode allows it to cleanse the air without requiring the user to turn on the fan. The diffuse mode allows for more even air distribution, and the jet focus control mode allows for more focused airflow.

Air Flow Capacity

When it comes to Air Flow, Capacity refers to how they remove contaminants from the air in a room and make it breathable when it comes to air purifier rises. So does the efficiency with which it filters the air around you.


The Dyson DP04 is packed with innovative features such as an LCD, which allows customers to see real-time air purification rates in action. The Dyson DP01 is a straightforward air purifier that does not have an LCD.


Detailed Comparison of Dyson DP01 vs. Dyson DP04

With this in mind, we can see that both models can be readily put on a table, the floor, or anyplace else that a typical air purifier would be placed without difficulty.

In addition, we observed several minor variances across models and some commonalities. Let’s have a look at what happens next.

System Filters

Filtration is a significant issue to consider when deciding which air purifier fan to purchase and which model to purchase. According to our findings with the DP01 and DP04, both Dyson clean and cool sensors are equipped to filter the essential.

While the DP01 is equipped with the standard 360 Glass Filtration system with Active Carbon, the DP04 is equipped with updated filtration: an enhanced Glass HEPA Media with Active Carbon filter, making it more effective than the DP01. The DP04 is also more compact than the DP01.

Both machines can remove up to 99.97 percent of ultra-fine particles from the air, some as tiny as 0.3 microns in diameter. Pollen, dust, allergies, and pet dander are all examples of airborne pollutants. Additionally, they can absorb disagreeable odors, poisons, gasses, and many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (Volatile Organic Compound).


Air Multipliers

Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, the DP01, and DP04 Dyson clean cool systems are driven by Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, which allows the devices to disperse filtered air throughout the space thoroughly. Additionally, these devices are equipped with an integrated rotating blade that gives the appearance of a bladeless fan, keeping it both safe and simple to clean.



The DP01 is equipped with an LED display panel, which means you will not be able to see the real-time outcome of the atmosphere. An intelligent display screen is included with the DP04, which shows and can take note of the real-time air assessment report on the screen, including information such as particle name, VOCs, allergies, gasses, and odors pertinent information. It also makes it simple to switch between airspeed modes in a short period.


Smart Features

DP01 and DP04 are two Dyson purification and cooling systems that are well-suited for intelligent control of your Dyson purification and cooling system.

Both Dyson DP1 and the Dyson DP04 are equipped with WiFi. You can also use the Dyson Link App to operate your gadget even while you are not at home by linking the devices to your smartphone and using the Dyson Link App to control them.


Extra Features

Furthermore, the Dyson pure cool DP01 and DP04 vacuum cleaners have an Alexa voice command capability. They also include simple magnetic remote controllers that allow you to control the gadget even when you are not physically in contact with it, which is convenient.

In addition, both Dyson pure cool devices are covered by the same official warranty coverage for two years; during this period, you may have any manufacturer-defective parts replaced without paying any more money from your financial resources.


What did We like in Dyson DP01 What did We like in Dyson DP04
       This model is fitted with a 360-degree glass HEPA
filter containing activated carbon (DP01).

The DP04 is equipped with a more sophisticated filtration system, including a Glass HEPA Particle filter with Activated Carbon.

WiFi connection, the DP01 can be connected to Amazon Alexa and the Dyson Connect App.

There are three more settings available to users aside from Automatic and Night modes on the DP04: Jet Focus Mode, Diffused Mode, and Backward Airflow Mode.

        The DP01 is a safe and simple to clean device

It is possible to connect the DP04 to both the Dyson Link App and Amazon Alexa, thanks to its WiFi capabilities.

Auto Mode and Night Mode are also available on the DP01.

It is easier and safer to clean than typical fans since the DP04 does not have any visible rotating blades or grills to catch debris.

The DP01 has been awarded the Quiet Mark certification.

In addition to receiving the PTPA stamp of approval, the DP04 has received accreditation by Quiet Mark.




Frequently Asked Questions


Do these DP models generate a lot of noise?

No! Both Dyson DP01 and DP04 are constructed to not produce any noise when in use; they operate silently compared to other Dyson series and even more quietly than a few other Dyson series.

The Dyson dp04 can capture viruses in the air, such as the Corona Virus. Is this true?

In addition to cleaning and purifying the air of exterior bodies such as allergies and germs, the Dyson dp04 has been evaluated for its ability to trap viruses. On the other hand, the new Corona Virus is not a member of those viruses, and the Dyson business has not yet verified that its products are effective against the COVID-19 virus.

What is the life expectancy of the Dyson DP04 filter?

 Dyson recommends that you replace the filter at least yearly, by industry standards. However, the situation is not as bad as it appears since you may always need to check with the Device’s real-time display, which will alert you when it is necessary to modify the filter.

Consequently, replacing the Dyson DP04 filter codependent on either using the recommended 1-year period or utilizing the device’s real-time instruction (whichever is greater). The same may be said for the DP01 unit.


Bottom Line


The Dyson DP01 and DP04 are two of the company’s most notable creations. Along with unique features and dual-use, they are equipped with smart sensor technology that detects the presence of contaminants and scents in the surrounding environment and alerts the user when they are detected. Unlike traditional air purifiers, contemporary models use HEPA filters and activated carbon filters, separating them from their predecessors.

If you don’t care about the various modes and want a straightforward, reasonably priced air purifier, the DP01 is a good choice. When it comes to the Dyson DP04, we strongly suggest it for those who like additional modes and smart functions and who have a significant budget.

Breath clean!!

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