7 Best air purifier for paint fumes 2023

Are you thinking of renovating your house or just getting a paint job? Congratulations, as the new paint, will definitely make your house look anew. However, there are some risks related to the new paint job that seriously concern your health.

Paints help decorate the house and add new vibes to it. You can transform a boring house into a wild party house just by changing the paint. But painting comes at a price that you have to pay unless you get the best air purifier for paint fumes. The paint contains a solvent that ensures that the paint adheres to the wall and doesn’t flow down the walls. The unique paint smell is also due to the same paint solvent and other chemicals.


What are paint fumes?

Certain solids and liquids emit chemical fumes, better known as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. Industrial chemicals such as Benzene and paint solvents are the largest VOC emitters. When you paint indoor in the house, there is no room for the VOCs or paint fumes to escape. As a result, the density of fumes increases and leads to bigger health problems.

The paints are divided into two categories according to the solvents, i.e., oil-based and water-based. The oil-based paints have vibrant colors and are more durable than water-based paints. However, the solvents used in the oil-based paints are VOCs that get released into the environment as the paint dries out. On the other hand, water-based paint is less durable, but it doesn’t contain any VOC solvent and thus is completely free from paint fumes.


Effects of paint fumes on your health

Have you painted your room recently? Most of the time, the first room that gets painted in the house is a bedroom. As a result, you have to spend the night in a freshly painted room unless you have somewhere else to go. The paint starts to dry within a few hours and starts releasing paint fumes into the room. These fumes gas up in the room till the VOC level reaches critical levels in the air.

If you continue to breathe in an area filled with fumes, you will face several symptoms almost instantly. The health triggers of paint fumes vary from person to person. For instance, some people suffer respiratory conditions due to paint fumes, while others start to develop skin allergic reactions. Some of the most common symptoms of paint fume exposure are:

  • Potential issues with kidney, brain, and liver damage.
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Headaches


Benefits of using an air purifier against paint fumes

The main purpose of any air purifier is to clean the indoor air of your home and remove any unwanted particles from the air. However, there are many different types of air purifiers according to the special function that they perform. For example, some air purifiers are suitable for pet owners, some for mycotoxins, and others are effective against mycotoxins.

The special air purifiers for paint fumes come with a unique feature in the form of an extra filter. This additional filter is known as an activated carbon filter. As you know, most organic substances contain carbon as the basic molecule. The activated carbon filter attracts the carbon-based VOCs and absorbs them in the filter. These volatile gases settle down with the active carbon filter till you replace it with a new one.

All in all, the carbon filter is the only effective way to get rid of paint fumes and other volatile organic compounds present in the air. Otherwise, you can take precautionary measures to ensure a minimum amount of VOCs is released in your room.  Some of these precautions are:


  • Use an air purifier. Air purifiers reduce VOCs in your indoor space. Consider having an air purifier running in the room you’re painting and other rooms where to VOCs may have found their way into.
  • Follow instructions and safety labels. Be sure to read all instructions and safety measures before you start painting your house. Use appropriate protection equipment like gloves and masks, and never store pain inside your house.
  • Take breaks. Long exposure can worsen the effects of paint fume symptoms. If you are painting the house yourself, take breaks to breathe in fresh air to help reduce your chances of side effects. If you are getting the house painted for you, try to stay outdoor while they paint the house.
  • Avoidance: Never sleep in a freshly painted room. Stay out of the room that has been painted for 2 to 3 days after you are finished.
  • Keep the house ventilated: Open windows and doors of the house while you’re painting. Keep the house ventilated for several days after painting to let the fumes find their way out.
  • Schedule painting. The lower people are affected by paint fumes, the better. Therefore, it is wise to choose such days for painting when there are least people present in the house.


Quick pick

NuWave OxyPure Large Area Smart Air Purifier is the winner that passed several tests with the best scores. It is a heavy-duty purifier that you can keep functional even while painting the house. If you are looking for an air purifier that can last for several years, you should check this one out.


Top 7 best air purifiers for paint fumes

Not all air purifiers available in the market are effective against paint fumes. Therefore, I have gathered the top 7 best air purifiers for paint fumes and other VOCs. All these purifiers have unique features and are equipped with top-notch purification technologies.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Coway AP-2015E(G) HEPA Air Purifier

Coway AP-2015E HEPA Air Purifier


Range: 1560 sq. ft
Reduces fumes and VOCs
Five fan modes
Mobile application support.
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Alen Breathesmart Classic Medical Grade Filtration
Alen Classic Medical Grade Filtration


Range: 1100 Sq. ft
Multifunctional air purifier
Double active carbon filter
Air quality sensor
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Hathaspace Smart True HEPA
HATHASPACE Smart True HEPA Air Purifier


Range: 700 Sq. ft
VOCs and odor remover
Air quality level
4-mode operation
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VEVA 8000
VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier


Range: 325 Sq. ft
Tower air purifier
4 Precut Activated Carbon Pre-Filters
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Mooka True HEPA+ Air Purifier
Mooka True HEPA+ Air Purifier


Range: 1350 Sq. ft
6-point purification
filter replacement reminder.
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Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier
Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier


Range: 540 Sq. ft
Washable pre-filters
5x operation in one hour
Anti-bacteria, VOCs remover
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NuWave OxyPure air purifier
NuWave OxyPure Large Area Smart Air Purifier


Range: 1000 Sq. ft
Stainless-steel pre-filter
20-years filter warranty
WIFI capabilities.
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1- Coway AP-2015E HEPA Air Purifier

Coway AP-2015E(G) HEPA Air Purifier

Specification overview:

Coverage: 1560 Sq. ft | Noise: 43.2 dB | 1,2,4,8 hours settings | Power: 66W | Energy Star certified | IoCare mobile application


  • Dust 340
  • Smoke 350
  • Pollen 400

Coway Airmega 400S is the best air purifier for protection against paint fumes in larger rooms. It is a balanced air purifier for both performance and power-saving. This device comes with some of the highest CADR and performance ratings than other air purifiers in this price range. Thus, the 400s is the perfect air purifier for families and household usage.

The first thing that you notice about the 400s is its sturdy build quality. It is made from the highest grade plastic, rubber, and metal in some parts. So, your air purifier will remain functional for several years with little to no maintenance costs.

The Coway 400s comes with an activated carbon filter that absorbs both VOC fumes and odor from the air to make it clean and fresh. The air-quality sensor monitors the current air pollution level and adjusts the fan and motor speed accordingly. Furthermore, you can also use the IoCare smartphone application to view and control several useful features of the air purifier from anywhere in your house.

Filter replacement:

The Coway 400s is a unique air purifier and uses special filters which are custom made for the device. Therefore, you should only swap it with the genuine Coway filter replacement. A single filter lasts for 6-8 months on 5-hours usage regularly.

  • Removes VOCs with 99% efficiency
  • Active pollution sensor
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Smartphone app
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Sturdy build quality
  • The noise level is disturbing for some users during sleep time


2- Alen Classic Medical Grade Filtration

Alen Breathesmart Classic Medical Grade Filtration

Specification overview:

Coverage: 1100 Sq. ft | Medical grade | Noise: 23-49 dB | Energy efficient| Power: 60W

CADR: According to speed

  • Speed 1: 150
  • Speed 2: 185
  • Speed 3: 225
  • Turbo: 290

Are you looking for a medicated air purifier? If yes, then no other air purifier can replace the efficiency of the Alen breathsmart medical-grade AP. Several hospitals and industrial offices use the classic air purifier to minimize the impact of chemical fumes as they are constantly affected by it.

A unique feature of the Alen classic is the ability to clean medium to large rooms in the least amount of time possible. When tested head to head with some of the top-notch air purifiers, the Alen medical air purifier beat them all in terms of speed and efficiency.

It comes with three-stage air purification. The first two stages focus on catching dust, mites, hair, and other larger solids from the air. Next comes the active carbon filter. This filter is lined with a special compound that attracts any volatile organic compound from the air. Furthermore, these carbon filters have the highest capacity in the market. The Alen carbon filters are known to catch 2.7 times more paint fumes and odor molecules than other competitors.

Filter replacement:

The uniqueness of Alen classic air purifier is due to the advanced air filters installed in the device. Therefore, if your filter requires maintenance, you should only replace it with the same medical-grade Alen BF35-Silver-Carbon Air Purifier

  • Automatic fan adjustment
  • Power-saving
  • Fastest air purifier
  • The filter lasts for one year
  • The device isn’t as durable as other air purifiers in this price range.


3- HATHASPACE Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA

Specification overview:

Coverage: 700 Sq. ft | Anti-allergy | CARB approved | Noise: 66dB | Power: 100W


  • PM: 450 m3/h
  • Formaldehyde: 160 m3/h

The best VOC air purifier for small to medium rooms is the Hathaspace air purifier. It is the most powerful air purifier effective against paint fumes, allergens, and odor. If you are looking for the perfect air purifier for a single portion of your house, this device won’t fail to surprise you.

This is one of the most effective air purifiers in the market. Other devices only attract the Benzene fumes and leave the others. On the other hand, the carbon filter of the Hathaspace air purifier attracts Benzene, formaldehyde, and other strong paint fumes without any problem.

Secondly, other air purifiers only advertise odor management. This purifier truly takes care of any odor and smell in the room. The powerful intake motor collects the air from the room and passes it through a series of filtrations. The carbon filter absorbs any odorous molecules from the air and releases clean and fresh air back into the room.

Filter replacement:

Every Hathaspace HEPA filter lasts for 4-5 months, depending on the air pollution and your usage. Whenever it is time to change the filter, the indicator light will blink to inform you. To keep your air purifier at maximum performance, always use the HATHASPACE Certified Replacement in your air purifier.

  • True-HEPA filter
  • Multiple carbon filters
  • Suitable for medium rooms
  • Smart air purifier with auto-mode.
  • Some users find the noise level disturbing during the nighttime.
  • It is not suitable for large halls.


4- VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier

VEVA 8000

Specification overview:

Coverage: 325 Sq. ft | Active-charcoal filter | Noise: 33 dB| Power: 50W, 120V

No CADR ratings

You don’t have the space and energy to have a full-fledge separate air purifier for home and office. You have two options, either get a portable air purifier or et a low-budget air purifier for the office, such as the VEVA 8000.

It is the best air purifier investment that you can make in 2021. Despite the limited cost, it comes with all the features that you expect from a full-sized air purifier.  It comes with four precut active charcoal filters. This filter is 2x more powerful than the normal carbon filters because charcoal is made from 4x carbon molecules.

The VEVE 8000 is also the best air purifier for students. It is available at a budgeted price with a minimum maintenance cost. However, if you are considering buying the 8000 air purifiers for your home, get at least two of them. A single 8000 air purifier is only suitable for a single dorm, office, or bedroom.


Filter replacement:

This budget air purifier is serviceable for about four months on a single filter with 5-hours of daily usage. Moreover, the filter replacement is also user-friendly. Therefore, you should only use the recommended replacement filter for VEVA 8000.

  • Four-speed modes
  • Intelligent air quality control
  • Affordable price
  • The manageable size and tower design.
  • There is no filter replacement indicator.
  • The device is not suitable for any room larger than 300 sq. ft.


5- Mooka True HEPA+ Air Purifier

Mooka True HEPA+ Air Purifier

Specification overview:

Coverage: 1350 Sq. ft | Compatible with Alexa and Google. | 99% paint fumes absorption | Power: 60W | Noise: 28 dB


  • 300 m³/h or 177CFM

The air around you is filled with several different types of pollutants. Each of these pollutants is harmful to your health in its own way. However, it isn’t feasible to get a separate air purifier for each of these pollutants. Therefore, you need the Mooka air purifier with its advanced technology.

The 6-point filtration system is the most advanced feature that any brand has released in their products. It means that the device contains up to six different mechanisms to capture the dust, mites, hair, odor, VOCs, paint fumes, and molds from the air using a suitable filter.

The WIFI capability allows you to connect the air purifier with your home network. Now, you can access, display and control all the functions of the air purifier using Alexa, Google Home, and the smartphone application from anywhere in the world.


Filter replacement:

Mooka is an emerging brand, but they understand the importance of genuine HEPA filters. You need to swap the old HEPA filter with the recommended Mooka air filter replacement. Each filter lasts for about 8 months, depending on your usage.

  • WIFI capability
  • Intelligent air purifier
  • Ultra-quiet
  • 6-point purification.
  • It is not suitable for large rooms and halls.


6- Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

Specification overview:

Coverage: 540 Sq. ft | Swedish Design | Certified by Aham | Noise: 31-56 dB | Power: 61W


  • Smoke: 350 CFM

You don’t always have the time to wait for the air purifier to clear the room before you enter. In this case, you either need a smart air purifier with WIFI, or you just need an effective device that clears the air faster than any other device in the market.

The most commonly debated feature of the 211+ is its washable pre-filter. It saves your money in the long run because you don’t need to replace the filter as recurrently as others.

Another eye-catching feature of the 211+ air purifier is its ability to clear a medium room within 12 minutes of the start. Moreover, AHEM certifies that this air purifier is capable of running more than five times in a single hour.


Filter replacement:

BlueAir 211+ comes with some of the most durable air filters. A single replacement can last for a whole year without any problem. However, when the time comes, you should only use the genuine BlueAir air filters.

  • 3-stage filtration
  • Power-saving with Energy Star certification
  • Minimalistic design
  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Lack of air-quality sensor.
  • No timer feature for automatic operation.

7- NuWave OxyPure Large Area Smart Air Purifier

NuWave OxyPure air purifier

Specification overview:

Coverage: 1000 Sq. ft | WIFI enabled | Noise: 36 dB | Power: 75W


  • Dust – 346 m3/h
  • Pollen – 369 m3/h
  • Smoke – 332 m3/h

Are you looking for a heavy-duty air purifier either for work or the whole family? Regardless of how big your expectations are, the NuWave OxyPure air purifier is capable of fulfilling every demand possible.

It comes fully enabled with a WIFI chip that you can use to access the air purifier from anywhere in the world. Moreover, this function is potentially suitable for people with a smart home because no they can voice control the air purifier.

The NuWave OxyPure comes equipped with the latest technology in every element of purification.  For instance, you can select from the six fan speeds or leave it at the auto mode. The Eco mode can detect the current air pollution levels in the room and choose a suitable working mode. The odor in the air is divided into six categories. Each odor level is treated separately for maximum fresh and clean air. In short this is the best air purifier that you can choose.


Filter replacement:

The metallic pre-filter is washable and needs to be cleared every month to ensure optimum filtration. Similarly, other filter likes Bio, Guard, and ozone emission remover filters also last for 20 years and are washable. You only need to replace the HEPA/Carbon filter annually with any high-quality filter replacement available.

  • Washable pre-filter, Bio, Guard, and Ozone filter
  • The filters last for 20 years.
  • Longest HEPA life of 1 year.
  • Intelligent air purifier with minimum user input.
  • A WIFI-enabled device with a smartphone app.
  • This air purifier is expensive for the medium price range



How long do paint fumes exist in the air?

Paint fumes remain suspended in the air for at least one week. However, you can minimize the period to three days by using the best air purifier for paint fumes.

Is an air purifier effective against paint fumes?

Yes, some air purifiers can filter paint fumes and VOCs from the air. These devices use active-carbon filters that catch the organic fumes and odorous molecules from the air.

How to prevent paint fumes from fresh paint?

There are two types of paints, i.e., water-based and oil-based paint—the solvents in the oil-based paint form fume when it dries out. Therefore, you should use water-based paint. Moreover, you should keep the house ventilated and use an air purifier while painting to absorb most of the fumes right away.



Fresh paint to any house makes it brand new and attractive for everyone. However, fresh paint comes with paint fumes which are highly dangerous for humans. The only line of defense that you can use is an air purifier to filter the paint fumes from the air and make it clean and fresh.

I'm Julia, an air purification expert and certified Indoor Air Quality Professional. With a Master's in Environmental Science and a decade of research at the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, I've dedicated myself to understanding air pollutants and their health impacts. At 'PureAirly', my mission is to leverage my expertise in air purifiers and guide you towards cleaner, healthier air.

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