7 Best air purifier for mycotoxins 2023

We are constantly surrounded by mycotoxins, molds, and other harmful particles. These toxins may be inhaled with oxygen and damage your health. Therefore, you need an air purifier to remain in good health.

Various types of molds produce mycotoxins in an effort to reproduce. They are usually found in damp places such as kitchens and steaming areas. Still, They ultimately find their way to our living areas. Moreover, these mycotoxins are known to have many hazardous effects like itchiness, fever, breathing problems, etc.

How does an air purifier help against mycotoxins?

Premium air purifiers have multiple layers of protection to filter all kinds of harmful particles from the air ( Can eliminate mycotoxins ). The initial layer is usually the pre-filter. It helps remove dust and larger particles from the surrounding. The filtered air then passes through either a HEPA filter or a carbon filter or, in some cases, both. This second layer blocks bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins, molds, and odor from the air. Best air purifier for mycotoxins would be the one that comes with a pre-filter, charcoal filter, and a true HEPA filter.

At this stage, the majority of the air purifiers consider the air clean and deliver it through the output vent. However, some high-end machines come with an extra layer of filtration for extra protection. These air purifiers come with UV-filter. It utilizes the UV rays to deal with any remaining mycotoxins and other minute particles. Finally, the filter, clean and pleasant air is delivered to the room.


how to get rid of mycotoxins in your home


What is a HEPA filter?

The word HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air [filter].” It is a mechanical type of filter made up of glass fibers. The mesh diameter is so small that particles larger than 0.3 microns get filtered out very easily. HEPA filters are one of the most efficient air filters in the world, with an efficiency of 99.97%. Therefore, along with everyday household dust, HEPA filters trap smoke, dust mites, molds, bacteria, pollen & even air-born virus. The total service life of an average HEPA filter is 8760 working hours.

Effects of mycotoxins:

Molds and fungi are microscopic species that help decompose different organic materials. The mold itself isn’t harmful to your health. They keep the environment clean, and some molds even produce oxygen. However, the molds and fungi being living things need to reproduce and release waste material. Therefore, they release spores and mycotoxins as byproducts to reproduce.

When inhaled by a person for a longer period of time, these mycotoxins can have hazardous effects. There are four types of mycotoxin poisoning, namely chronic, acute.


Quick Pick:

In a hurry, check out my personal recommendation for protection against mycotoxins. The Proscenic Air Purifier A9 is one of the most advanced air purifiers. It has a WIFI connection for remote operation from anywhere in the world. Moreover, this filter is currently available at a discounted price.


Top 7 air purifiers for mycotoxins:

There are many air purifiers available in the market. However, not every purifier is suitable against mycotoxins. Furthermore, it is best to perform a mycotoxins test before purchasing an air purifier.


Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Germ Guardian AC5250PT

Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier


UV filter
4-in-1 purifier
153 square feet range
Check On Amazon

Airthereal APH230C HEPA
Airthereal APH230C Air Purifier


315 square feet range
135 CFM
Silent operation
Check On Amazon

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room
LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room


Odor eliminator
300 square feet
Environment friendly
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Proscenic Air Purifier A9
Proscenic Air Purifier A9, with H13 True HEPA Filter


A smart purifier with wifi
968 square feet
Automatic operation
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CALODY Air Purifier Portable
CALODY Air Purifier Portable


Portable purifier
Silent operation
Check On Amazon

Kokofit Air Purifiers for Home
Kokofit Air Purifiers for Home


1410 square feet
Air-quality monitor
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smartmi HEPA Air Purifiers
Smartmi HEPA Air Purifiers


Smart filter
Voice, gesture, app control
520 square feet
Check On Amazon


1- Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Germ Guardian AC5250PT

The first product comes from a very reputed manufacturer of air purifiers. The Germ Guardian air purifiers are considered to be the powerhouses of filtration. These powerful machines have one of the highest CADR ratings in comparison to their competitors. If you are truly health-conscious, the AC4825E is the best choice of air purifier that you can get from anywhere.

These machines are built to last for a very long time. The sturdy plastic material makes it moisture-resistant to some extent and increases its service life. Moreover, the linear shape of this purifier makes it easier to place almost anywhere. You can even place this powerful machine on a table to save space.

Moreover, it comes with three layers of protection against harmful particles in the surrounding air. The pre-filter captures most of the larger particles such as dust, smoke, odor, etc. The CADR rating for smoke is 99, and CADR for dust is 118. Next, the H13 true HEPA filter filters the air and captures any dust mites, mold fumes, mycotoxins, and pollens. The CADR rating for pollen is 125, which is higher than the average machines. Finally, the UV filter kills any airborne germs and bacteria such as Influenza from the filtered air.

  • Powerful machine
  • Aham verified & energy star certified
  • Durable design
  • Quiet operation
  • 4x filtration per hour
  • Affordable price
  • Low maintenance
  • UV filtration is harmful to the environment
  • Compatible with only genuine filter replacements


2- Airthereal APH230C Air Purifier

Airthereal APH230C HEPA


The second product on the list is useful for multiple locations. It is an all-in-one air purifier that you can carry around wherever you are going. For instance, you don’t need to purchase separate air purifiers for offices and homes if you are single. You can take the same air purifier and use it all day long. This machine is the best suitable product for bachelors working in offices due to its budget-friendliness.

The rectangular shape of this air purifier provides it an elegant shape. You can easily place it on the floor to serve the whole room. The strong machinery can filter up to 315 square feet of rooms within one hour. Furthermore, the light 10lbs weight of the whole assembly makes it easier to carry to multiple locations.

Lastly, the APH230C comes with two layers of filtration. The activated carbon filter captures most of the dust, smoke, pet-hairs, and odor from the surrounding air. On the other hand, the H14 HEPA filter further cleans the air from mycotoxins and pollens. Although it doesn’t have a UV filter, studies show that the HEPA filter also prevents the passage of airborne bacteria to some extent. The CADR score for this device is 135 CFM.

  • Multipurpose
  • Semi-portable
  • Environment friendly
  • Quiet operation: 24-49 dB
  • Modern design
  • Lightweight
  • Energy-efficient: 60W
  • No UV filter
  • Not for business use.


3- LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room

 LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room


LEVOIT is known to produce air purifiers for medicated and commercial use. According to a report, 20% of medical institutes like hospitals and nurseries use LEVOIT products for their air purification. Moreover, this machine is even recommended by many professionals for protection against allergies. Therefore, you should consider this product if you are looking for a suitable air purifier for your business.

The first thing you should consider before making a decision is the coverage area. For the sake of an intelligent purchase, you should only choose the product closes to your covered area. For instance, a purifier with smaller coverage is cheaper than the one with a higher coverage area. The LEVOIT air purifier provides 130CFM (CADR) protection in rooms up to 976 square feet in under one hour.

This is the most economical air filter that you can find for your business. It comes with permanent filters that can be washed every 1-2 months and reused multiple times. Furthermore, it is very energy efficient and requires only 55W for optimum operation. According to brand claims, the machine costs as little as $1.6/week on a 24-hour operation.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Doesn’t require cool-down time
  • Best for business
  • Medicated
  • CARB Certified, FCC Certified, and ETL Listed
  • Oxygen monitor LED
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Energy efficient
  • Environment friendly
  • Up to 85% humidity support
  • No UV filter
  • Requires only genuine filter replacement


4- Proscenic Air Purifier A9 with H13 True HEPA Filter

 Proscenic Air Purifier A9

The Proscenic A9 is one of the most advanced air purifiers for mycotoxins and other harmful particles. Nowadays, everyone is adapting to a smart lifestyle by making full use of AI technology. Almost every machine, from switches to bulbs to air purifiers, is also adapting this change of preference. Therefore, if you are also convinced of modern smart homes, then the A9 will complete your automation.

The most prominent feature of this device is its WIFI support. Like other smart appliances,  you can now control the air purifier with the tips of your finger. Or better, it even comes fully compatible with Google Home, SIRI, and Alexa. You can now dictate your preferred settings using the voice control feature. Moreover, the smart sensors adjust the settings automatically for an optimized experience.

The A9 offers four-layer protection against mycotoxins and other airborne microbes. It comes with a pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and Nano-silver ions. All these filters work in collaboration to provide the most efficient air purification. It has a  CADR score of 460 CFM: one of the highest scores ever. This machine can clear up to 968 square feet of room in under an hour.

  • Smart sensors
  • Oxygen monitor
  • Filter sensors
  • Infrared air control
  • Four filters
  • App support
  • Ozone-free
  • Lowest Noise:25db
  • Baby lock
  • Slightly Expensive
  • Requires constant maintenance


5- CALODY Air Purifier Portable

CALODY Air Purifier Portable

Are you someone who travels a lot? If yes, then the Calody air purifier is the best choice for you. It is impossible to carry around a fully functional air purifier all the time. For instance, people with medical conditions are at risk whenever they travel because the air in their car is not filtered. Therefore, you need a portable air purifier to purify your every breath no matter where you are.

This air purifier is very powerful and efficient for such a small size. It has the dimensions of a regular water bottle, and you can easily fit it in your bag. Furthermore, you don’t need to keep the machine plugged in all the time. It comes with a long-lasting battery that can operate for a whole day on a single charge.

The portable device fast and effective at the same time. It utilizes the H14 true HEPA filter protection combined with UV light filter and activated carbon filter, respectively. It has a CADR score of 150 CFM and a sterilization score of 99.99%, which is very optimum for such a compact size. You can use this portable air purifier to clean up to 100 square feet of room within 30 minutes. Finally, it is a multi-functional device. You can also use it as a heavy-duty power bank for your electronic gadgets.

  • Three filter protection
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Long-lasting battery
  • USB power output
  • UV protection
  • Low noise: 30dB
  • Certified by EPA, CARB, FCC, UL.
  • Best for travel
  • 99.99% sterilize protection
  • Not for long term use
  • You can’t use it in place of a regular air purifier
  • Not environment friendly

6- Kokofit Air Purifiers for Home

 Kokofit Air Purifiers for Home

The Kokofit aur purifiers are known for their durable built quality. A single product lasts for up to five years without any major issues. Furthermore, the machine uses special filters that provide higher efficiency along with longer service life. If you want an air purifier for your business, then you should check this product.

Some air purifiers are self-sufficient. It means you don’t need to monitor the device constantly; instead, you forget about it once you start it up. The Kokofit is one of those self-sufficient devices. It comes packed with many beneficial features. For instance, The sleep mode is activated when the light goes off. During this time, the machine automatically adjusts the fan speed to the low for minimum noise. Secondly, the air-quality filter automatically detects the surrounding air and adjusts the fan and cleaning speed accordingly.

This machine is the perfect combination of power, reliability, and efficiency. It requires 60W to purify the air inside a 1410 square feet room in under one hour. The machine has received a CADR score of 320 CFM against smoke, pollen, and dust. Therefore, the Kokofun is one of the best all-in-one air purifiers for mycotoxins.

  • Long-range
  • Durable design
  • Self-sufficient
  • Smart sensors
  • Air quality monitor
  • Quiet operation
  • Ozone free
  • Three filters
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • No UV filter
  • Requires cool-down after 1-hour use


7- Smartmi HEPA Air Purifiers

smartmi HEPA Air Purifiers

The Smartmi is another smart appliance to complete your modern smart home. It is best suitable to use in collaboration with voice-controlled devices like Alexa for optimum results. Moreover, it even comes with application support for remote operation from your smartphone. Therefore, if you want an intelligent life, then your home is incomplete without the Smartmi air purifier.

First of all, this product is the best used for small-medium halls. It covers up to 510 square feet in under 25 minutes. It would be best to place the purifier in your living room or bedroom. The Smartmi offers maximum protection against mycotoxins and other hazardous airborne particles due to the multi-layer filtration and a CADR score of 400 CFM.

You can control the device remotely using the mobile app or Alexa. This feature is particularly useful for those who work in offices. It is because you can operate the machine before reaching home to step right into a clean and safe breathing environment. You can even keep the purifier powered on while sleeping at automatic settings and a 29dB noise level. Lastly, the machine comes with many other useful features, such as a smart air quality monitor using laser technology.

  • Smart sensors
  • WIFI support
  • Alexa, Google Home, SIRI support
  • Air quality monitor
  • Laser technology
  • Ozone Free
  • Fast operation
  • Lowest noise levels
  • Gesture control
  • Three-layer HEPA filter
  • Slightly Expensive
  • No UV filter
  • Not portable


Step by step guide

Choosing an air purifier is easy, but choosing the best air purifier for yourself and your family can get tricky. That is why we have written a well-researched step-by-step guide on How to choose an air purifier. From primary HEPA filter to allergies, we have included everything. Make sure you read that too.



Mycotoxins are the fumes produced by molds to reproduce. These fumes are very dangerous if present in a considerable quantity. Therefore, it is best to use an air purifier to remain protected from mycotoxin poisoning.



What are the symptoms of mycotoxin poisoning?

Mycotoxin poisoning can damage multiple systems inside your body. Therefore, the symptoms depend upon the affected region of your body. Moreover, the recurrence of any symptom is useful to distinguish between mycotoxin poisoning and other illness.

These are the most common symptoms of mycotoxin poisoning:

side effects of mycotoxins

Do air purifiers help with Eczema?

According to skincare experts, sleeping with an air purifier turned on can help with skin conditions such as Eczema. It is because clean air keeps your pores free of pollutants and gives the skin time to recover.

What are the different levels of mycotoxin tests?

mycotoxins Toxicity levels


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