7 Best Air Purifier For Asbestos 2023

Air purification has become the need of almost every person who cares about what they and their loved ones are inhaling each day within their homes. The most effective way to purify most of the air is using some best air purifier for asbestos that take great care in handling all the air cleanliness processes most powerfully.

Asbestos is the heat/fire-resistant silicate mineral most commonly used in fire insulating/resistant materials and brake linings. When inhaled through the air, this most potent mineral can cause many health issues in humans, so you must take great care that your air is perfectly free of it. So, buying the best HEPA air purifier for asbestos can help you be right with your choice.

Types of asbestos

Many types of asbestos are found around, almost everywhere you can imagine because some construction materials are made up of asbestos fibers. The problem arises when it gets airborne. According to studies, it can have many impacts on public health, you don’t feel it instantly as most asbestos-related diseases are diagnosed at least after 15 years of exposure. But don’t worry think positive there are solutions out there. There is a major difference between cellulose and asbestos insulation but people cannot find the difference between them so, we have a detailed article on how to tell difference between asbestos and cellulose insulations.

Major asbestos found are

  • Chrysotile
  • Amosite
  • Crocidolite
  • Anthophyllite
  • Tremolite

Types of asbestos

If one has been exposed to asbestos from outside or from home. he/she should consult with the doctor and explain the degree of exposure as sometimes symptoms do not appear for decades. If you have been exposed to asbestos and feeling any of the following symptoms you must consult with your doctor.

Side effects of asbestos

HEPA Filter for asbestos

Air filters are widely available in the markets. Still, according to lab testing, HEPA filters have proven efficient enough to filter out 99.97% of containments from the air, as small as 0.03 microns. That is why Hepa is also known as a high-efficiency particulate air filter. Asbestos particles range from 0.7 to 100 microns, making the HEPA filter perfect for asbestos removal. Choose an air purifier that uses multiple filters to achieve the optimal result. Also, contact an asbestos removal specialist if you feel that the HEPA filter is not working.

It is recommended to test your house for asbestos. 

How to Spot asbestos in Your house. [Simple ways]

If your home was built before or in the 1900s, it might contain asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was once used in construction because it was strong, durable, and fireproof. Unfortunately, asbestos is highly carcinogenic, and inhaling too much can cause severe respiratory ailments. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here is a quick infographic of signs indicating the presence of asbestos in your home. You should get your home inspected for asbestos if you spot any of these signs.

Spot asbestos in your house


How to test asbestos in your house?

asbestos testing kit

After spotting asbestos in your home its time to confirm it by testing. As asbestos cannot be seen or felt in any way, there is no effective way for you to test it without professional help. Nor do a visual inspection of your home sufficient as asbestos is a combination of fibers.

Therefore we suggest you an asbestos testing kit. You can easily order it through amazon, and the testing procedure is super easy. The test is carried out by taking a sample of dust in your house. After that just sent the samples to the lab.

There are no extra hidden charges for the test as long as you buy the testing kit. You will receive the test results within three working days, Can trust these test results as it is ranked no #1 with pretty good reviews on Amazon.

You can get the test kit by Clicking HERE.

To keep you safer from any hectic market search to get the most fantastic air purifier for your home, we have made a handy list of air purifiers that you are going to admire. It will make your search easier and will also keep you from wasting your money.

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Best Air Purifiers for Asbestos – Top 7 List

Following is the list of best air purifiers for asbestos that you can get to purify most of the polluted air at homes:

Image Product Feature Price

Modify Air MA-40-W V2.0
Medify Air MA-40-W V2.0 Air Purifier


Lifetime warranty
Extremely quiet
Attractive design
Check On Amazon

Coway AP-1512HH White HEPA Air Purifier
Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier


Lesser power consumption
Advanced auto modes
Quiet operations
Check On Amazon

Germ Guardian air purifier
Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier


Durable and long-living
Impressive performance
Check On Amazon

Alen Large Room Air Purifier
Alen Large Room Air Purifier


Effective air cleaning
Best for medical health patients
Check On Amazon

LEVOIT Air Purifier
LEVOIT Air Purifier


Impressive body
Ultra-powerful cleaning
Check On Amazon

Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro Air Purifier
Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro Air Purifier


Ideal for larger areas
Best air purifier asbestos
Premium-grade design
Check On Amazon

Blueair Classic 280i
Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier


WIFI control feature
Sturdy design
Check On Amazon



1- Medify Air MA-40-W V2.0 Air Purifier


Modify Air MA-40-W V2.0

Specifications overview:

  • Coverage area: 1600 Sq. ft
  • Noise: 66 dB
  • Power: 68W
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 11 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • CADR: 223 CFM


The first air purifier on our list is this powerful filter by Medify that comes at affordable rates and with the most admiring features. It has everything, including from impressive design to the best air-pollutant removal technology for which you would definitely consider it to place in your homes at least once.

After testing we know that this air purifier is perfect for maintaining an almost 99.9% particle removal rate mainly because of its higher-grade HEPA H13 filters. These filters are intelligent enough to let the filter upgrade their performance by locating and eliminating most of the airborne particles and other air pollutants from the air smoothly.

This air filter is effective enough in cleaning your room that reaches up to an area of 420 sq ft, 840 sq ft, and 1600 sq ft in only 15, 30, and 60 minutes respectively. This is a great feature that helps you clean the air within your room in a lesser possible time.

The most fantastic thing about this cleaner is that it has a unique and beautiful design made of tempered glass panel that is extremely easy to clean, and it won’t scratch like any other cheap purifier.

The additional features of this cleaner include the 8 hr timer, child lock, night mode, sleep, and the three-speed fan modes that you can set according to your air condition and your personal preferences.

Lastly, the cleaner is quieter enough not to disturb you while you are sleeping. You can switch it to the “Sleep Mode” to make it not disturb your peaceful sleeping environment

Filter replacement:

Medify MA-40 requires special medicated HEPA filters for efficient filtration. A single replacement filter lasts for 4 months on 8 hours per day of usage. You can purchase genuine replacement filters from here.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extremely quiet
  • Attractive design
  • Robust performance
  • CARB: 330
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Child lock
  • Expensive
  • Not for larger rooms


In-depth review: Medify MA-40 Air Purifier for home and offices 


2- Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

Coway AP-1512HH White HEPA Air Purifier

Specifications overview:

  • Coverage area: 361 Sq. ft
  • Noise: 64 dB
  • Power: 77W
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 16.8 x 18.3 inches
  • Weight: 12.5 Pounds
  • CADR: 240 CFM


Second, on our list is this stunning air purifier which gives you enough relief by removing a considerable amount of airborne particles from the air that you continuously inhale in your home. An effective machine that can be used to get optimal performance in this regard and it is also not huge (compared to competitors) so you can take it to your new home when you move so its kind of portable.

This air filter is designed exclusively to cover rooms that reach a maximum of up to 361 sq ft in size. It comes with an advanced 4-stage filtration system that is highly powerful in capturing and eliminating up to 99.97% of 0.3 microns present in the air. These particles might include pollutants, pollens, and all other allergens. Also, it dramatically reduces the highly volatile organic compounds to keep you ultra-safe.

To keep a check on your indoor air quality in real time, it also has a Coway Mighty pollution sensor. Also, its brighter LED lights the condition of your indoor air most effectively.

Additionally, It comes with a 3-stage fan speed availability option that you can set manually based on your indoor air condition. Besides, you can also set it to auto mode, which will help the filter responsibly switch to the speed setting 1 through 3 depending upon your indoor air quality.

The impressive thing is that when the filter detects no pollution for almost 30 minutes, its fan will automatically stop and is turned to energy-saving mode. Also, its timer feature helps the machine run between 1 and 8 hours and then automatically powers off when you are not at home and forget to power it off.

Filter replacement:

Coway provides the combination filter for both HEPA and activated carbon filters. This special filter can capture up to 99.97% of pollen, pollutants, germs, and allergens. Moreover, you only need to replace the filter once a year. The Coway genuine replacement filter can be found here.

  • Lesser power consumption
  • Advanced auto modes
  • Quiet operations
  • Affordable price
  • Timer feature
  • CADR:
  • Dust 246 cb. ft
  • Pollen 240 cb. ft
  • Smoke 233 cb. Ft
  • Customer support is not good
  • No warranty support



3- Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Germ Guardian air purifier

Specifications overview:

  • Coverage area: 167 Sq. ft
  • Noise: 60 dB
  • Power: 50W
  • Dimensions: 9.06 x 6.69 x 27.56 inches
  • Weight: 11.1 Pounds
  • CADR: 125 CFM


Then, on our list, this HEPA air purifier asbestos is intentionally made to keep all the harmful polluting air particles, including the asbestos and the other illness-causing germs, away from you responsibly.

The most prominent thing that you will love about this air purifier is that it is a 4-in-1 purifier that can effectively reduce up to 99.97% of pollens, harmful, mold spores, pet dander and is fully capable of removing asbestos dust. It is also effective in eliminating various other allergens that reach up to .3 microns from the air.

For killing germs, this air purifier is most extraordinary; it comes with UV-C light. This light is known best for killing almost all airborne viruses, including staph, influenza, and rhinovirus. Not only this but it also dramatically reduces the volatile organic compounds by collaborating with Titanium Dioxide.

Additionally, the cleaner is known well for trapping most allergens in it; it can effectively trap pet hair, dust particles, and other large particles that might irritate you in your inhaling process.

Moreover, it can also reduce irritating odors like cooking fumes, smoke, pets’ odors, and many others. The great thing about this purifier is that it does everything quietly. You can also set its ultra-quiet sleep mode, which helps you get a peaceful night’s sleep along with the cleaner in your room.

All of these features mentioned above are fantastic and help you clean your air to the maximum extent to feel better, relaxed, and healthy while inhaling the purified air. It not only keeps you safe but also lives longer to serve your needs for a more extended period.

Filter replacement:

Germ Guardian uses two special filters for air filtration, i.e., HEPA and activated carbon filter. However, you need to separately replace both these filters after 6 months of 8 hours per day of use. The genuine HEPA replacement filter is available here, and the genuine activated carbon filter can be purchased from here.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extremely quiet
  • Attractive design
  • Robust performance
  • Expensive
  • Not for larger rooms


4- Alen Large Room Air Purifier



Specifications overview:

  • Coverage: 1100 Sq. ft
  • Noise: 23-49 dB
  • Power: 60W
  • Dimensions: 10 x 17.75 x 26.75 inches
  • Weight: 21 Pounds
  • CADR: According to speed
    • Speed 1-3: 150-225
    • Turbo: 290


Whether you need an air purifier at schools in the office or even at your home to ensure that the air you inhale is free of all the allergens, dust, pollen, odors, and pet furs, then buying this air purifier from Alen is the right choice. When switched on, it makes sure that it does its work super-smooth and most amazing.

The most impressive thing about this purifier is that it is incredibly beneficial for all persons with medical health issues like asthma, sneezing, shortness of breath, congestion, and even a runny nose.

It’s a medical assistant to the people in the sense that it includes a Medial Grade H13 True HEPA layer capable of removing nearly 99.9% aerosolized viruses, bacteria, and airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns. Thus, this is to say that it is a pure filter that has standardized its performance by clearing out almost all the harmful germs, dust particles, odor, and smell other pollutants perfectly.

Also, it comes with an advanced body that has light signals to let you know the air you inhale. It comes with Blue, Orange, and Red light sensors, which signifies Excellent, Fair, and bad air quality. You can also turn the purifier on the auto mode, allowing it to adjust the fan’s speed to clean the air most efficiently.

Filter replacement:

Alen provides improved HEPA and carbon filters for their air purifier. The H13 HEPA filter is effective against dust, mold, heavy smoke, and pet hair. Similarly, the carbon filter contains 2lbs of activated carbon to absorb fumes, smoke, and odor. Fortunately, the replacement filter for Alen is a combination of both these filters and lasts for up to 12 months. Moreover, you can choose the required filter according to the air pollution in your house. You can find the filter replacement here.

  • Super-quiet
  • Effective air cleaning
  • Best for medical health patients
  • A bit expensive


5- LEVOIT Air Purifier

LEVOIT Air Purifier

Specifications overview:

  • Coverage area: 129 Sq. ft
  • Noise: 25 dB
  • Power: 28W
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 Pounds
  • CADR: 40 CFM


This air purifier is carefully designed in California to ensure that it contains almost everything the great air purifiers from other well-known brands would have to take great care of children, asthmatic patients, and pets. You will be highly amazed to know that the Levoit air purifier is a 100% Ozone free purifier, so it keeps the inhaler from any harm.

This purifier by Levoit has an advanced 3-stage filtration system; a high-efficiency activated Carbon Filter, The Pre-filter, and a True HEPA Filter. All these filtration systems combine to make your air free from all the pet hair, dander, smoke, odor, mold, allergens, and other large dust particles. With these filtration systems, the purifier is exceptionally known for removing nearly 99.9% of airborne contaminants that can be as small as 0.3 microns. Thus, it is known as the best HEPA filter for asbestos.

Also, it comes with an adjustable fan speed feature with premium silence; it has three speed settings low, medium, and high. These fan speeds meet different air quality and your personal needs also. During your sleep time, you can switch the purifier to a low level of almost 25dB so that it could maintain a peaceful, restful environment.

Additionally, to keep your small to medium-sized room immensely purified, the purifier circulates the room air almost four times per hour. There is no doubt that its unique and contemporary design looks attractive when you place it anywhere in your room or any corner of your house; it matches your interior setting exceptionally.

It also comes with two-brightness settings; you can adjust it to see in the evening and turn it off completely when you are about to sleep to create your unique peaceful environment to get an undisturbed sleep for as much as you want.

Filter replacement:

Levoit air purifier is a budget-friendly device, and so is its replacement filter. A single H13 HEPA filter lasts for about 6 months on 5 hours per day of use. However, it is recommended to only use the genuine Levoit filters here to keep your air purifier in working condition. Make sure to remove the plastic cover before placing the filter in the device.

  • Easy two-mode brightness setting
  • Super-quiet
  • Impressive body
  • Ultra-powerful cleaning
  • Gives out radiations
  • No warranty


6- Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro Air Purifier

 Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro Air Purifier

Specifications overview:

  • Coverage area: 1500 Sq. ft
  • Noise: 65 dB
  • Power: 35W
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 18.7 x 18.2 inches
  • Weight: 45.2 Pounds
  • CADR: 353 CFM


If you are looking for a true HEPA air filter, this air 3-in-1 Pro Air Purifier y Aeris is the best choice. It is powered by the Swiss-engineered Allrounder HEPA filter technology to make it include among the top-rated and leading HEPA air purifiers for asbestos.

Most potent air purifier among various other similar ones as it comes packed with the power of almost three filters at one time. It is known as a 3-in-1 filter that comes with multiple layers for the premium cleaning process.

Additionally, this HEPA purifier is most famous for removing almost 99.95% of all types of air pollutants, including the .1 microns, so it is regarded as the perfect air filter to use in the homes of asthmatic patients. It dramatically reduces all the odor, allergies, house dust, smoke, and other heavy pollutants that might be irritating to your health.

This purifier is stunning in its performance when talking about purifying asbestos from the air. Its asbestos cleaning efficiency is unmatched, and thus it makes your air perfectly clean of almost every minutest form of harmful material that may cause you health problems.

Moreover, the filter is lab-test-proven, so it is powerful enough to remove all the germs from the air. With a CADR rating of almost 390 cubic feet/min, it can remove air pollutants almost three times faster than any other similar purifier in the market.

This purifier’s impressive thing is that it is ideal to be placed in larger rooms or an area that reaches up to 750 ft sq and is even more significant. So, you can easily place this purifier in your living rooms, lobbies, larger gathering areas, lobbies, and even the more oversized bedrooms. An air purifier this powerful is also recommended for litter smell and odor

Filter replacement:

Aeris 3-in-1 Pro is more of a commercial air purifier, so you need a heavy-duty filter to keep up with its performance. Luckily, Aeris provides the Swiss-made replacement filter for the job. This filter lasts for 12-months on 24/7 usage. Moreover, this heavy-duty filter contains four times more diamond fiberglass than any other. You can find the genuine replacement filter here.

  • Ideal for larger areas
  • Best air purifier asbestos
  • Premium-grade design
  • Robust performance
  • No remote control or WIFI mode


7- Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier


 Blueair Classic 480i

Specifications overview:

  • Coverage area: 279 Sq. ft
  • Noise: 56 dB
  • Power: 80W
  • Dimensions: 25.3 x 20.2 x 12.4 inches
  • Weight: 30.1 pounds
  • CADR: 200 CFM


When you are tired of using all types of air filters at home and not finding efficient results, replacing your outdated air filters with this negative air machine for asbestos removal is the best option. This machine has everything in it that is needed to purify almost all the air from harmful and irritating airborne particles and other air pollutants.

This air filtering machine is widely popular for delivering high performance to remove almost 99.97% of dust, mols, pollens, pet danger, and various other airborne particles to keep you at a higher relief level from asthma and allergies.

Moreover, the purifier is impressive in its performance with its dual-protection filters, which come with activated coconut carbon and various other pollutants removal technologies. These effectively remove the gaseous pollutants and the smoke that can disturb your regular healthy life routine by interfering with your simple inhaling process.

The most important feature for which this is most widely placed as asbestos remover at homes is that it comes with the best air quality sensors that are highly efficient in monitoring the air quality and adjusting the fan speed according to its work amazingly.

Another admiring and satisfying thing you get with this air purifier is the WIFI-enabled control that helps you control your purifier from a certain distance through the Alexa app or a Blueair friend app.

You can easily place this filter in your small to medium rooms with an area between 200 and 300 sq ft. This is a powerful filter that can clean your nurseries, bedrooms, and even the utmost responsibility offices.

Filter replacement:

Blueair genuine replacement filter comes with dual protection of HEPA and coconut carbon filter. The HEPA filter removes allergens and dust four times faster than others. Similarly, the coconut carbon filter deodorizes the air and produces a natural forest fragrance. You can find the genuine replacement filter for Blueair 280i here.

  • WIFI control feature
  • Long-living
  • Sturdy design
  • Best for asthma patients
  • Not fit for bigger rooms


Some Final Words

The increasing quantity of asbestos in the air significantly introduces severe health issues in most of the world’s population. The best way to make your air free of these harmful particles is by using an air purifier at your home. The list mentioned above of the 7 best air purifiers for asbestos is compiled based on extensive research and the buyers’ honest reviews. So, we hope that you would not find any trouble finding the most suited air filter for yourself.

Choosing an air purifier is not easy nowadays, but with my well-researched step-by-step guide on How to choose an air purifier. From primary HEPA filters to allergies, we have included everything. Make sure you read that too.



Frequently Asked Questions


How many microns is asbestos, and how to remove asbestos from the air?

Airborne asbestos fibers range from 0.1 to 10 microns. These are extremely small and odorless, but they remain suspended in the air for a more extended period. There is no apparent practical way of removing these asbestos particles from the air except that you use some high-quality air purifier known for its robust performance.

Which air purifiers are best for removing asbestos from the air?

There is an extensive list of air purifiers that you can use for the complete elimination of asbestos for the air that you inhale. However, if you go for the HEPA air filters, you will never regret your decision. These are highly famous for being used as the best asbestos removers from the air around the world.

Can HEPA filters for asbestos remove the asbestos from the air?

Yes, HEPA filters do the best asbestos removal from the air and are highly recommended by health experts to place these filters in your home area. These air filters can clock up to 99.97% of the cleaning efficiency rate.

How to test for asbestos in the air?

Testing asbestos isn’t tricky in 2021 as you can get an asbestos testing kit at your doorstep from amazon and test delivered within 2-3 working days. Full details about the asbestos testing kit are at the start of the article.

Can You Get Sick from Breathing in Asbestos Once?

Asbestos, also known as airborne cancer, is a dangerous pollutant that can cause asthma and lung disorders. However, diseases related to asbestos only start after prolonged exposure. In other words, it is impossible for someone to get sick from breathing once or twice near asbestos. Still, it is important to understand that asbestos can stay for 48 to 72 hours in the air. So, you must use an air purifier in the room after using a product that contains asbestos.

How Do You Clear Your Lungs of Asbestos?

To date, there is no medicated procedure for removing breathed asbestos from the lungs till date. Your best shot of getting rid of the asbestos fibers residing in your lungs is either fiber breakdown or natural lung clearance. In this regard, using an air purifier in the room can speed up the clearance process. The fresh air generated from an air purifier helps the body remove hazardous particles from the lungs, and the fresh oxygen speeds up the breakdown process.

How much does it cost to test for asbestos?

The asbestos test confirms the presence of the material to justify professional removal.

If you want to do the asbestos test, this article is for you. Do you know how much it costs? If the answer is NO, then check it out.

This test depends upon the following things:

Property Size:

Size is the first thing that affects the asbestos testing test.  Let’s look; the cost is higher if you have a larger building.

Condition of your property:

If the property is in poor condition, it is more complicated for professionals to locate, so its cost is high. The longer time to access the area, the more you pay.

Additional costs:

In the asbestos test, extra testing is also needed. If you want to inspect your pipe, you must need water testing.

 Asbestos inspection cost:

Generally, the cost is $200 to $800 for both commercial and residential properties.

The total average cost of asbestos testing is around $483 or $229 to $791.

For tiny houses, the cost is about $90, and for large homes, it is about $2000.


I'm Julia, an air purification expert and certified Indoor Air Quality Professional. With a Master's in Environmental Science and a decade of research at the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, I've dedicated myself to understanding air pollutants and their health impacts. At 'PureAirly', my mission is to leverage my expertise in air purifiers and guide you towards cleaner, healthier air.

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